Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rev. Len & Cathy Mink

join us in welcoming Rev. len and cathy on wednesday, may 25th at 7 pm at tfc.

Len Mink is a gifted singer and songwriter of today’s Christian music.  He has been the worship leader for Kenneth Copeland in his Believers Conventions for 35 years.  Len and Cathy have recently begun their own weekly television program on the TCT television network.  The program, called Len and Cathy, is seen in 173 countries on Skyangel channel 133 and on DIRECTV channel 377.

Len also has a powerful ministry to children through his Gospel Duck series.  These dynamic tools are designed to empower children with the Word of God and the authority of the believer. 

At 21 years old, Len began his television career with his own weekly, prime time television production and was the featured soloist in thirty-two pops concerts with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  He made multiple appearances on The Tonight Show, The Mike Douglas Show, The Merv Griffin Show and many others.  

Despite his successful career in show business, Len felt empty.  In 1971, the Holy Spirit began to move at his CBS television studio in Cincinnati.  Ken Bagwell, Arthur Blessitt and Tom Turnbull were instrumental in bringing Len into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that filled that void and plunged him into a new life of genuine excitement and peace.  Shortly after that, Len was shocked to be diagnosed with a terminal blood disease.  A fan came to the hospital and brought him Kathryn Kuhlman’s book I Believe in Miracles, God miraculously healed him, and his doctors gave him a clean bill of health.  Len later had the honor of singing in several of Miss Kulhman’s crusades.

Since then, Len has appeared on many Christian television productions:  The 700 Club, Help Line, Turning Point, 100 Huntley Street, PTL, TBN, The Believer’s Voice of Victory and many more.  He also co-hosts The Road Show on the Oasis Radio Network.  Len has shared crusade platforms with Kenneth Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Morris Cerullo, James Robinson, Demos Shakarian, T.L. Osborne and many more.

As Len sings and teaches around the world, he brings the fresh, authentic presence of God wherever he goes and ushers in spontaneous praise, deep worship and life changing breakthrough.

Visit their website to learn more about their ministry